Friday, March 04, 2005


I thnk probably my favorite thing to do is doodle with marker. Nothing fancy, just a black sharpie. Just take five or ten minutes, skip the pencils, scribble whatever I feel like. Those somehow end up being the most fun to create -- I think they show my drawing style in maybe its rawest form (not to get too deep on ya there). This pic's a good example of what I'm talking about. I had a couple minutes to kill at work, so I whipped this up. Fun times. That, perhaps, is the key to NOT getting bored of your own artwork -- Speed doodling! heh :P

I marker-doodled a lot of my Topps cards, too. It might be frustrating when collectors see that I don't have one style throughout the set -- I jumped between quick sketches to cartoony markers to nice inks. My style's all over the place. I think there are two reasons for this: (1) I'm still finding my style (if there is "One True Style" hidden in me somewhere -- I don't even know if I should be concerned with that, it all evolves anyway). Concerning the Topps cards, I was so nervous and excited, I didn't know where I wanted to go artistically, and there was NO time to ponder it -- I had a tight deadline! (2) When doing 1,000 cards, you need ways to entertain yourself. I mean, seriously, sitting in a room drawing fifty clonetroopers in a row is mind-nuuummmbbing. Switching up styles, medium, etc. is good for the brain. It keeps you from drooling all over the sketch cards. Who knows, maybe drooled-on cards go for more on ebay.. ?

That said, I do hope Topps makes another set of Star Wars cards after Episode 3, and I hope they ask me back to do more sketch cards. The first time is always good for learning -- I mean, I'm satisfied with most of my cards. (I learned that I am retarded when it comes to colored pencils, and that markers are my friends. Colored pencils, bad. Markers, good. Do not try and be fancy with backgrounds. Blah blah blah.) Yeah... So, if there is a second time, I'll definitely be able to go into it a little stronger. The Episode 3 set was my first step toward creative confidence...

Oh man, look at me ramble! Better post this crap and start enjoyin' my weekend :)


At 8:19 AM, Anonymous Amy said...

I hear you on the cards, grant.

I actually HAVE a recognizable style and I've kind of lost it. The next time (hopefully!) I do the sketch cards, I'm going to try to keep them all relatively the same stylewise. :)


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