Wednesday, March 01, 2006

The Evolution Begins!

Topps' Lord of the Rings: Evolution cards are now in stores!! This is very exciting to me, because I'm a huge LOTR geek, and I was one of the sketch card artists on this set, which I'm sure you all knew already. :)

And the sketch cards are already popping up like crazy all over ebay -- it's really cool, and chaotic! I love it! A word to the wise though: if you're going after sketch cards, be sure to buy the Hobby boxes -- there are Hobby boxes and Retail boxes. Places like Target and Walmart carry the retail ones, and those have different inserts. Just be sure to look at the box/pack and see if it says "sketch card" anywhere on it. If it does, you're good to go! And you get one sketch for every 13 or 14 packs, so the odds are way better this time than they were for Star Wars. So good luck to all of you!! I know I, for one, will be spending way too much time on ebay this next week or two..

And I updated my LOTR card gallery, so if ya wanna see 'em, check out my site, or head over to!


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