Sunday, July 30, 2006

AM: Aragorn & Arwen

Mike & Zach, these are your cards -- I hope ya like 'em!

Starbuck Steps

Here are a couple photos I took while drawing that Starbuck pic I posted earlier today. First is the sketch, obviously. I redrew Starbuck's face (particularly her mouth) a million times, because I couldn't find an expression I liked.. It was worth all the screwin' around though, because I like the final look she's got. Also, you can see that I ran out of paper toward the bottom (by her waist) so I taped on another sheet and drew the rest of her leg area. On Iain McCaig's DVDs he encourages you to tape on however many sheets of paper you need, and don't let the borders of the page constrict you, and I took his advice, and he was right.

Then I inked it with brush pen. Same thing with the "Galactica Top Gun" skull.

Then I scan it into Photoshop and color it. And whaa laa! Wasn't that interesting?! :P

Saturday, July 29, 2006

Galactica Top Gun, baby!

One thing a lot of artists (especially "cartoony" artists) struggle with is drawing style. There's a lot of pressure from the outside world to make stuff look a little more realistic.. Or maybe it's a doubting little voice in our heads telling us that we should be afraid of letting loose. But either way, it's total crap, and I've always known that I'm more comfortable drawing in a super-cartoony style. I mean, my comic book heroes (Art Adams, J. Scott Campbell, Mike Mignola, just to name a few) are all very cartoony, and a lot of the artists I admire and know on a personal basis are cartoony artists.. Anyway, I'm just thinking out loud here.. But I'm definitely going to make a point from now on to go with my comfortable style.

With this Starbuck picture, I knew I wanted to do a pin-up type thing, and I went through about 10 different sketches -- I started out really "serious" looking, and hated it, and as I did it over and over, I noticed that ultimately the only way I really had fun with the drawing is when I just did it fast and cartoony. There's a lesson to be learned here.

Same goes for my LOTR sketch cards. I'm not happy with a lot of my "Evolution" cards because I spent more time focusing on "Does this look like the actor?" and not enough time on having fun and drawing it in my style.. For "Masterpieces" I think you'll see this change. (Of course, the only thing that sucks is that our deadline's so tight, I'm gonna have to rush myself through the cards, both LOTR and Avengers... .aagh... I'd kill to have an additional month to work on both..)

ANYhooo.. Just thought I'd share some of these thoughts with blogland. And if any of you dig the Starbuck piece, I'll be bringing some prints of it with me to Wizard World Chicago. :)

Back to the grind!

Thursday, July 27, 2006


Catching up on some LOTR: Evolution aftermarkets.. Still have a few more to do (not for this batch though).

I received my blank cards for the "Lord of the Rings: Masterpieces" set this morning, so I'll be working on those (and Marvel Avengers) pretty much nonstop until mid-August. I'm really excited about 'em. Just wish the deadline wasn't so tight. :)

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

LOTR:V Print Available

Hey there, loyal blog readers. :)
I have a few Lord of the Rings: Villains prints left over from Comic-Con. If you're interested in getting one, send me a Paypal payment of $25 (20 for the print, 5 for shipping). You can send it to, and be sure your mailing address is on there.

This is a super-limited-time offer! They'll only be available to order until Wednesday, August 2nd (that gives you one week) or until they're gone, whichever comes first. So order this Gouldlicious 11"x14" print and wow your friends with the villainy of Middle-earth! And all prints will be shipped with a cool "Lord of the Rings: Masterpieces" promo card.


Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Back from SDCC

The show was amazing. Still unwinding and unpacking and catching up on email, etc.

(Dude, it's Iain McCaig!! heh)

I updated my convention blog. I'll have more photos comin', so there'll be at least one or two more posts over there. Keep watchin'.

Just to let everyone know, the next three weeks of my life will be consumed by Avengers cards, Wizard World Chicago, and The Lord of the Rings: Masterpieces. So if you're waiting on a commission or sketch card, please be patient -- I promise I'll get it to you as soon as I can. Huge looming deadlines must be dealt with. :)

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Comic-Con Blog

I made a convention blog page, so I can post news and photos from San Diego, as well as a big post-con report. So head on over and bookmark it:

Saturday, July 15, 2006

Starbuck & Soundwave

Here are two commissions I did that'll be picked up at Comic-Con. :)
Each 9"x12", colored with Prismacolor markers.

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Oddly Normal Vol.1

Just wanted to spread the word that Oddly Normal: Volume 1 is in comic stores now! It collects the entire first series written & illustrated by my pal and Comic-Con table-mate Otis Frampton. It has a cool pin-up gallery in the back, too, including one by some goon named Grant Gould.

Viper really did a great job with this book -- It's small format and Otis' art looks amazing -- I'm a sucker for these pocket-sized glossy editions. And it's an all-ages story, so everyone in the family will enjoy it. :) Go! Buy!

It's available on Amazon too.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

LOTR Villains Print

Here's a first look at my exclusive and eeevil Lord of the Rings "Villains" print -- It's 11"x14" and will be available at Comic-Con! I'll have either 30 or 50 copies with me (depending on what I can afford to print), so if you're goin', be sure to grab one before they're gone! :)

Speaking of Comic-Con, don't forget - I'll be sharing an Artists Alley table with Otis Frampton & Paul Gutierrez, and our table # is BB-03. I'll be around the entire show, but I'll be spending the most time at the table on Thursday and Saturday. So hopefully I'll see some o' you there. Remember, you can email me ahead of time to draw somethin' for ya so you can just pick it up. I have no idea how quickly my commission list will fill up.

Saturday, July 08, 2006

The Decision!

Thanks to everyone who gave their opinion on which prints I should go with. I was hoping everyone would lean in one direction, but no, the results (including both the actual blog plus the comments in the LJ feed) were pretty much all over the place.. heh :) So I'm just gonna go with a villains-themed LOTR print for San Diego Comic-Con, and then for Dragon-Con this fall I'll create a Willow print.

Sorry, Conan fans.. Try not to crush me and see me driven before you.

As for Battlestar, well, I'll do some new Battlestar art soon enough. I think I just have the swords & sorcery bug in me right now.
Okay, I gotta sleep now!! Been drawing for the past 11 hours. Yeeeesshhh

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Print Decision 2006

I've been wanting to create an exclusive print to sell at the cons this year, but of course time's flying by and San Diego's right around the corner, and I can't seem to pick a favorite topic -- I've been bouncing between four different ones. So, please, loyal blog readers, comment to this and let me know what your #1 pick would be, and if you want, what your #2 pick would be. I wanna know what you, The People, want. (In case you're wondering why there's no Star Wars on the list, it's because I'm saving that for next year's Star Wars Celebration IV.)

1) Lord of the Rings:
Either something focused on Aragorn, or a villains collage of some kind. With the new Topps "LOTR: Masterpieces" set on the horizon, LOTR is still gonna be a'buzzin'.

2) Willow:
One of my favorite movies of all time, and Madmartigan's one of the coolest adventure characters of all time, and when's the last time you saw some awesome Willow fan art? Plus Warwick Davis will be at Dragon-Con and I can wow him with my Willow nerdity.

3) Conan the Barbarian:
I've always loved Conan, and this year marks 100 years of celebrating his creator Robert E. Howard, so part of me thinks this one would be appropriate...

4) Battlestar Galactica:
This is probably lowest on my list.. I love the show and I love drawing the characters, obviously, but I feel like I've done a lot of Battlestar this year. Maybe I should hold off 'til season 3 and do a season 3 pic next year. ?

Anyway, let me know which of these you would vote for as far as an exclusive print goes. I think right now I'm leaning the heaviest towards "Willow," but we'll see how I feel after you guys respond. VOTE!!

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

X-Men Auctions

I have some original X-men art up on ebay -- Click each pic to check 'em out! :)



Saturday, July 01, 2006

Wormwood Pin-up

My brotherfromanothermother Ben Templesmith (who you probably know from 30 Days of Night and Singularity 7 if you're a comic fan) asked me to do a pin-up for his IDW series Wormwood: Gentleman Corpse. I'm not sure which issue it'll appear in yet.. But here's what I came up with. I liked the background I did on that Space Quint pic from the other day, so I gave this one some hazy blue action, too.