Friday, August 25, 2006

3 Prints Available

These three prints are available to order right now: Darth Maul, Starbuck, and Buffy. Each one is printed on 8.5"x11" 10pt. glossy cover stock. The actual artwork is sized at 8"x10", so that you have the option to trim it down to fit in a smaller frame if you prefer.

This is a limited time offer and only available via Paypal (send to ""). The cost is $10 per print, plus a total of $5 per order for shipping ($10 for non-U.S. orders). Remember to include your mailing address.

Again, be sure to specify which print(s) you want, and you don't need to ask me to sign 'em -- I'll make sure I sign each one. Thanks, everyone! Orders will be shipped out within a few days after I receive payment.


At 9:44 AM, Anonymous David Martin said...

Fantastic work, Starbuck looks great on my office wall, which can be seen here.

At 9:43 PM, Blogger Grant Gould said...

David -- Thanks, man! :) I'm glad ya like it.

Hopefully I'll find some time to do more BSG art soon. I think Apollo or Cylon Centurion might be up next, but we'll see. :)

At 3:44 PM, Blogger Ripsey said...


I'm a bit behind the times... I didn't get into Battlestar until this summer when a friend lent me seasons 1 and 2.0 on DVD. Now I am hooked... and I understand your fascination with the show all the more!

Great prints BTW

At 8:39 PM, Anonymous Darth Zannah said...

Love them, especially Darth Maul!

(Shame my parents won't let me buy them!!)


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