Tuesday, August 15, 2006


Quick rundown on what's been keeping me up at night.. hehe :)

Lord of the Rings: Masterpiece cards - Hopefully I'll be finishing these up tonight!
Marvel Avengers cards - I'm way behind.. These things are going to suck up all of my time for the next several days, at least.
StarWars.com stuff - I just did some cool stuff for the site, and there's more on the way. Can't say much more right now.
Dragon-Con - Coming up in a couple weeks and I haven't even started getting ready for it.. eeks.
Red 5 comic - As soon as all the sketch cards are outta the way, I'll be diving into this again. It'll be nice to get back to this..

And of course I'm slowly chipping away at my commission list. Thanks for being patient, guys!! :)

And since I hate to leave you with no artwork, here's a quick Gandalf thingee I drew for LOTRsketchcards.com. I think it's gonna end up being like 100pixels tall, so I didn't fuss too much over details. heh.. We'll have to keep an eye on the site and see what Marleyeds does with it.

Back to the grizzle.


At 6:56 PM, Blogger Checkmark said...

Cool Gandalf, looks good to me.


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