Monday, September 11, 2006

BSG Flyers

If anyone wants to be my pal and help pimp out Battlestar Galactica (the new season 2.5 DVD comes out Sept. 19th and season 3 starts Oct. 6th) as well as my LiveJournal community "Battlestar Blog," I made these handy-dandy flyers:

All ya gotta do is click here for the hi-res image, save it, head on over to your local copy shop, print up some copies (it's set up on a standard 8.5"x11" sheet), and then slice the sheet into quarters so that each flyer's 4.25"x5.5". You can give 'em to friends, comic shops, drop 'em off on convention freebie tables -- whatever you wanna do with 'em is cool with me! Just doin' my part to spread the love. :)


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