Friday, April 13, 2007

Misc. Update

DeviantART posted a cool gallery showing "Red Riding Hood" art -- my pic's one of the featured ones, so I thought I'd post a link. :)

This morning was my weekend. I treated myself to a movie (Pathfinder - which i liked!) and now it's back to the normal grind.. Plowing through the DC cards, Star Wars cards, and this corporate kids' booklet I'm designing for a Canadian company.. and trying to get commissions out the door..

I really wanna get a small b&w con sketchbook done in time for Micro-Con too, so I'll probably have to spend a few hours on that.. I'll probably create some of my first-ever Harry Potter sketches for it.. ooOOOoooo...

One last thing to mention: is keeping a nice gallery of all the Star Wars Celebration IV art prints that have been previewed so far on the website -- You can find it over here. Lots of really amazing work there.... On one hand, it's very intimidating, because mine's a really different style from the majority of them.. there are only a couple cartoony styles in the group, and mine's one of 'em. But variety's the spice of life. I like my cartooniness. :) (.. is that a word?) Hopefully there'll be some cartoony-lovin' collectors at CIV.

Okay, enough blogging. Time to get back to work.


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