Monday, April 16, 2007

SW 30th on just posted an announcement about the 30th Anniversary card set that I'm working on and gave a few details, including a full artist list. Here's the link.

In case you're wondering who those two images on the banner are by -- the cartoony one on the left is by my pal Katie Cook, who'll most likely be sharing a table with me at Wizard World Chicago this year -- and the Obi-Wan on the right is by pal (I have so many pals!) Cat Staggs, who I'm looking forward to drinkin' and partyin' with at Celebration IV. And I must point out that my talented girlfriend Jessica Hickman is also on the list of artists, which is cool -- this is her first Star Wars gig, so I'm happy for her. Look at all that girl power! O.O


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