Friday, June 22, 2007

Gutz. Paul Gutz.

I'm selling three rockin' cool Lord of the Rings sketch cards drawn by my pal Paul Gutierrez (he's a fellow Star Wars and LOTR card artist). 7 day auctions, starting at a penny a piece!


And speaking of my pal Paul Gutierrez.. Check out this kick-ass Starbuck drawing he did for me. 11"x17" and even cooler in person.. seriously, this scan doesn't even do it justice. Paul, you rock -- Thanks, buddy! :)

Those of you thinking, Hey, I should commission that Paul guy for some art... Yes, you frakkin' should! But unfortunately I'm about 99.9% sure he's pretty backed up on stuff right now, so you may have to settle for those rockin' LOTR cards I'm selling if you want some instant art goodness.. But either way, definitely bookmark his site, which will hopefully be updated soon:

Back to DC cards for me..
With a little luck, I'll be mailing them off tomorrow. WHOOOOOOOOOOO


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