Friday, June 15, 2007

Open for Commissions

I've had so many people (especially folks I met at Celebration IV) asking me when I'll be taking commissions again, I figured I'd better go ahead and start taking orders again. :) So if you wanna hire me to draw somethin' cool for you, here's your chance!

Head over to

Please keep in mind, this is NOT a sale like my "April Rules" deal was. This is for regular full-price commissions.

An update for those of you waiting on "April Rules" commissions:
I should be done with them by the end of this weekend, and they'll be mailed off ASAP. :)

One other thing --
I'd like to thank Scott Woodward for sending me this photo.. Scott's the one who commissioned me for that Clone Wars Obi-Wan drawing. He framed it and has it displayed by his Obi-Wan statue, as you can see. Very cool. :) So thanks for sharing that with me, Scott -- and I'm glad ya like the drawing!

Thanks, everyone!
Again, if you're looking to get a commission, please head over to for more info.


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